At DM Urban Planning Solutions, our objective is to be relentlessly client-focused. This client-focus ensures solutions to everyday planning matters, vital towards achieving your projects yield and outcome in a successful manner.  We offer working solutions nationwide to our clients in the following fields:

Development Advice/Due Diligence

DM Urban Planning Solutions provides initial support to clients on the parameters of their project. Whether you are a developer with a yield and development strategy in mind or a first time home renovator seeking general advice, our objective is to support you to make the best decision for your project. Big or small.

Development Assessment:

At DM Urban Planning Solutions our diverse solution driven mindset, together with a nationwide working knowledge of Statutory Planning throughout Australia and New Zealand ensures all projects are successful. Whether your project is of State Significance or additions to your house we will handle the strategic and statutory requirements, leaving you well informed of your project progressing through the planning system.

Development Management Advice

To ensure successful delivery of your project DM Urban Planning Solutions has a wide and diverse network within the development and construction industry who share development and client-focus solutions. This allows cost effective and efficient project management through the DA and CC stage and even opens access to development management and project finance advice. Overall your next project, leave it to the DM Urban Planning Solutions team to deliver results for your next project.